neuresource group builds brain friendly organisations and learners because neuroscience will transform the way you work

Develop Strategy

Understand your Organisational Why

People in your organisation need to have a clear understanding of your strategy

Brain Friendly Learning

Learning with the brain in mind

Instead of quick fixes create a higher level of embedded learning to build long term neurocapability

Track Engagement


Take a 360 view of your business with the neu360 cloud platform that measures your organisational engagement over time

Bespoke Solutions

Putting it through the neuroscience lens

neuresource group applies neuroscience to practical applications for your business to reach your goals

Change: What Has The Brain Got To Do With It?

Brains hate change. Change takes effort, focus, and energy, and the brain like to conserve energy. The brain likes to work in familiar ways and follow predictable patterns. When the default state of the brain is complacency, it can be a challenge to generate the sense of urgency required for successful change plans. Even the word ‘change’ can make some break out in a cold sweat, as certainty and control over familiar contexts is threatened.

The good news is that we can change… Continue reading on our blog

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 More ways than ever to build an intelligent enterprise

We have featured some of our key products and strategies to give you ideas on brain friendly learning or building your intelligent enterprise. Click on the images below to learn more and hear about our latest offers.


Elearning like you have never experienced

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Nationally accredited Diploma of Neuroscience of Leadership

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Luch and learn neuresource group

find out more about lunch and learn sessions in your organisation

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understand your self or your people through PRISM

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Get a 360 view of your business

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connect your people and let them track their performance

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think better = perform better

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find out about our STEAR model for building brain friendly organisations

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Why Neuresource group

In today’s work environment, many organisations are still using outdated methods and processes. There is a disconnect between what science knows and business does. Top performing organisations have addressed this disconnect and understand that building human capital value is the key to organisational performance and productivity.

neuresource group translates the latest insights from neuroscience into practical applications for the 21st Century workplace. In an era of unprecedented complexity and disruptive change, organisations must respond quickly and creatively to shifting market, social, and political conditions—to survive and to thrive. We help you to build an intelligent enterprise through developing human capital value …. we call it building brain friendly organisations.

neuresource group is a sister company of Managerial Resource Training (MRT), RTO 51680.   All accredited programs are delivered under the auspice of RTO, Managerial Resource Training (51680).  All certificates and qualifications will be issued by Managerial Resource Training (51680).

neuresource group is a new venture created when two Australian registered training organisations—Managerial Resource Training and NeuroCapability—joined forces. This merger allows us to take the momentum and strengths of each RTO and to expand services in exciting new ways. With NeuroCapability’s focus on building individual and team leadership informed by neuroscience and Managerial Resource Training’s emphasis on organisational change and human capital, we are now better able, as neuresource group, to transform the way you work.
Aligning your people is one of the foundations of a balanced scorecard. A balanced score card supports you to build human capital value and an intelligent enterprise. We can’t fight biology but we can leverage what we know about it. As we understand more about cognitive social neuroscience, true organisational leadership may become defined as the art of creating brain-friendly organisations. If we embrace this new lens (through what we call the ‘neuro lens’) to review and reinvent leadership and organisational practices and frameworks, we stand to be far more effective managers, leaders, CEOs, executives, and supervisors. The best organisations and the wisest leaders intuitively know how to create ‘brain-friendly’ environments, and they are reaping the rewards in productivity, performance, staff retention, and engagement levels.

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