60 minutes brain bites sessions


Do your people have an innovation mindset?
How mentally fit are you or your people?
How engaged and motivated are your people?

Why not fill your people’s minds with progressive new ideas on how they can be more successful in their work and in life. Help your people to increase their professional skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and build a learning organisation. These highly interactive and engaging brain bite sessions will provide your people with practical takeaways to use in their everyday work and professional domains.

These sessions are great to kick start a team meeting, weekly heart starter, lunch and learn, or for any team or group get togethers. 


Time:               60 minutes
Group size:    8 – 30 people
You provide:  The venue, Catering, Gathering the troops
We supply:     The facilitator, Learning materials

Phone: 1800 704 320
Email: info@neuresourcegroup.com.au

Suggested topics for Brain Bites sessions are outlined as below.

Please note these sessions run for a duration of 60 minutes. They can be stand alone  sessions or run as a series.

  • Are your people ‘SCARE’ed? Overcoming the climate of uncertainty in the workplace
  • The science of ‘frazzle’ – managing stress and supporting resilience
  • The 3 Essential Intelligences needed for great leadership – Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Attentional Intelligence
  • The rising tide of fatigue at work and what to do about it
  • Neurosales 101
  • Supporting innovation in the workplace – the science of ‘aha’
  • Making better decisions – what’s the brain got to do with it?
  • Lifting engagement in your people
  • Motivation is not the same for everyone – understanding motivational mindsets
  • Change hurts – facilitating sustainable mindset change
  • Strategies for making learning stick