Tara Neven

The Challenge of the Innovation Paradox

Tara Neven, co-director and founder of neuresource group, looks at a current challenge in organisations today, the need to be more innovative but not knowing how to create the right environment for [...]

Are You Being Infected in Your Workplace?

This week,  Tara Neven,  co-director and founder of neuresource group, shares how emotion contagion can effect your workplace and engagement in your workplace culture.  I know its flu season, but in this case I am [...]

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Introducing STEAR: A Model for Brain-Friendly Change

This week, Linda Ray and Tara Neven, co-founders and co-directors of neuresource group, presents the STEAR model, a framework that challenges the disconnect between what science shows and what business does. Albert [...]

The Neuroscience Lens: Bringing Focus to Current Leadership Models

This week, Tara Neven, the co-founder/director of neuresource group, shows you that viewing current business models through the lens of neuroscience can shift outdated 'best practice' into badly needed 'new [...]

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The Agile Workplace: Coping With The Need To Change

This week Tara Neven, the co-founder/director of neuresource group, presents the first in a series on organisational agility, exploring the principles that help with our ability to cope with constant demands [...]

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NLP and Neuroleadership – What’s the Difference?

In this post, Tara Neven, the co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, looks at Neurolinguistic Programming and Neuroscience of Leadership and provides some interesting insight. I have been asked recently about the difference [...]

Are You Building An Intelligent Enterprise?

In this post, Tara Neven, the co-founder and co-director of neuresource group,  looks at why applying neuroscience to organisational leadership matters and what it means to be an intelligent organisation. In today's [...]

Design Thinking: Solving Problems And Building An Innovation Culture

Tara Neven, co-founder and director of neuresource group and an expert on human capital and organisational change, looks at how design thinking fits in with what we are learning about the [...]

Embracing the Collaboration Economy

Business strategist Tara Neven is the Co-Founder and Director of neuresource group, the sister company of NeuroCapability. In this article, she shows that, although we are raised to compete, we are born to [...]

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Sometimes being great requires vulnerability

Business strategist Tara Neven is the Founder and Director of Managerial Resource Training and the Director of neuresource group, the sister company of NeuroCapability. In this article, she stresses that great leaders [...]

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