neuDiscovery™ is an engaging, high-energy session to help you, your team or your organisation unravel complex issues and clarify the way forward. The session uses cutting-edge collaborative engagement tools informed by neuroscience.

Research clearly shows humans are born to collaborate – but no two brains are alike.

Each person in your organisation has a unique mental map created from a lifetime of individual experiences, this can make alignment a challenge.

neuDiscovery™ is a half-day session that brings your key stakeholders or team together to undergo a facilitated design thinking process – a model developed by Stanford University.

We know you are the experts in your organisation. We know the right questions that need to be asked that allow you and your team to determine what to keep, what to discard and what to re-invent.

  • Give everyone a voice when solving problems
  • Get your people committed to more readily take action
  • Tap into the collective brain – organisational transformation
  • Generate hundreds of useful ideas and new reliable knowledge in a few hours – guided discovery
  • Support people to reach radical similar conclusions despite their differences

In the emerging Knowledge Age, the world is transforming so rapidly and becoming so complex that new tools are needed for organisational survival.

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All participants in the session will be provided with a keyboard to feed their answers into the program which are then viewed on a shared screen. Participants can also be dialled into the session and do not physically need to be in the room.

On completion, a final report is compiled to help you make the necessary adjustments to your organisational foundation. The report provides a roadmap that outlines the steps you need to take to ensure your organisation is both high performing and set to go the distance.


neuPerformance™ is part of neuSuite™, our elite suite of products designed with the brain in mind and guaranteed to enhance leadership at all levels
of an organisation.

  • neuLeaders™
  • neuPerformance™
  • neuMindsets™
  • neuDiscovery™
  • neuFoundations™
  • neu360™
  • Harvest ideas in a neutral environment, allowing everyone to have a voice
  • Determine the strategy for moving forward and everyone on the same page
  • Development of action items, roles and responsibilities
  • Develop an agreement for how the group moves forward
  • Gain feedback from your people to determine current state of play in the organisation
  • Improve participation of further solutions by sharing and communicating the results
  • Sharing of the input across the group rather than the usual breakout groups in normal group discussions or decision making
  • Provide a sense of group ‘immediate’ involvement
  • Tap into the collective brain of the team or the organisation

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