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Thanks for checking out our BrainBites site.   If you’re wondering what all this means, well it’s pretty simple really.  

We’ve been looking at this neuroscience ‘stuff’ for over 10 years now!  In fact, we’ve been running accredited courses for the past five years (but you can check out that info on our other pages).  What we’ve discovered is that many people are interested in learning about the human brain, but just don’t have that much time to take it all in (after all there is a lot of amazing stuff to learn about the brain). 

Fun Fact – smaller learning bites are better for retaining information.

So, we got busy and started to develop small BrainBites that provide you with one key piece of knowledge, that is really important to understand about how the human brain interacts in the workplace; how you can use that knowledge to become the superhero of your workplace  and provide you with real tools and strategies you can immediately use to start to change how you and others respond to situations.

We know you’re going to love them!  So go ahead and have a look at our Introductory BrainBite – it’s OK, it’s FREE! 

Who's Driving Your Behaviour? You or Your Brain

Understanding the science behind our behaviour starts with this one simple, but life changing principle about the brain.

Understand how the brain works and gain an insight into human decision making that you will use everyday for the rest of your life.  When you understand what’s really going on inside the brain, you can begin to transform yourself, your team, your organisation…. your life!

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Are you looking to influence engagement, motivation and productivity in your workplace?

5 Drivers of Behaviour that S.C.A.R.E. your Brain

Our connection with others is recognised as the most important factor in our survival.  So why does this matter in the workplace?

Take a look at the social world of work and the key domains that generate threat and reward responses in us all –  most of the time unintentionally.  You will gain an understanding of the key drivers of behaviour that shape how we react and sometimes over-react in the workplace.

Is emotion contagion an issue in your workplace?

How to Manage Emotions in the Workplace

Effective team members are those who have the ability to identify, understand and manage their own emotions and the emotional states of others.    An ideal BrainBite for any team member or leader interested in developing a better understanding of themselves and others to enhance their emotional intelligence and influence the emotional climate in any environment.

Are exhaustion and stress affecting your productivity?

How to Overcome Frazzle and Stress

Stress and frazzle result from working habits that ignore the needs of the brain.  Learn how to  manage workplace pressure, improve your working memory, and increase your flexibility and creativity. 

Are you in control of your attention OR does your attention control you?

Surviving and Thriving in the Age of Distraction

The human brain has limited capacity to stay focused and maintain attention.  So, how does today’s knowledge worker manage the never-ending interruptions and demands on their attention?  In this BrainBite, learn how to manage distraction, improve productivity and decision-making and get back in charge of your attention!
How productive are you in the workplace?

How to Improve your Productivity and Focus

In this BrainBite we look at what you need to know about how your brain drives your productivity.  Discover the latest research that challenges traditional business practices which impede personal productivity and engagement.

Learn strategies to foster a growth mindset for you and your team

How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Explore how mindset is the key to behaviour, learning, performance and innovation and learn how to change existing mindsets with focus and attention.

Series 2


In this upcoming series we look at:

  • How our brains get in the way of us getting along
  • What to do when we can’t agree
  • Why telling people what to do doesn’t work
  • Tips to get you thinking outside of the box
  • What you need to be aware of when making decisions in teams
  • How to Supercharge your decision-making

Series 3



Series 4



why do brains hate change

Change: What Has The Brain Got To Do With It?

Brains hate change. Change takes effort, focus, and energy, and the brain like to conserve energy. The brain likes to work in familiar ways and follow predictable patterns. When the default state of the brain is complacency, it can be a challenge to generate the sense of urgency required for successful change plans. Even the word ‘change’ can make some break out in a cold sweat, as certainty and control over familiar contexts is threatened.

The good news is that we can change… Continue reading on our blog

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