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The Brainwaves for Leaders blog is published by Neuresource Groups sister company Neurocapability Press. Through these blogs our aim is to explore and share the practical applications of the neuroscience of leadership to build brain friendly leaders and organisations. ‘Brain Friendly’ leaders and organisations understand that their people are their most valuable resource.   Brain friendly leaders tap into the growing body of neuroscience knowledge to enhance the way they facilitate and lead change, solve problems, make decisions, collaborate with others and manage pressure and conflict.

Brainwaves for Leaders incorporates the successful elements of more than 20 years of consulting experience in organisational change and development, corporate training, and executive coaching. Our focus is on the latest developments in the neuroscience of leadership. Many of our contributors are experts in the field; others are newcomers and bring a fresh perspective. You’ll find a range of material and an abundance of ideas on the use of brain-friendly techniques to improve your work experience.

3 Ways to Cultivate an Innovative Workplace

Linda Ray, co-director and founder of neuresource group, looks at the challenges to supporting innovation in the workplace. In our last blog we noted the emphasis from our political leaders to be more innovative. I’m sure [...]

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The Challenge of the Innovation Paradox

Tara Neven, co-director and founder of neuresource group, looks at a current challenge in organisations today, the need to be more innovative but not knowing how to create the right environment for innovation to flourish. Tara also shares [...]

What you need to know about workplace stress

This week, Linda Ray, co-director and founder of neuresource group, shares what she discovered from coaching individuals and organisations about the negative impact on productivity that increased stress levels have as a result of the distractions we face everyday. Stress and anxiety is [...]

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Why we believe in supporting people to be change ready!

This week,  Tara Neven, co-director and founder of neuresource group, shares why organisational change is hard for our people and the brain friendly steps you can take to make change stick.  In todays fast paced, hyper connected, global economy, change in [...]

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Top Tips for Managing Information Overload

This week, Linda Ray, co-director and founder of neuresource group, shares 7 easy to follow tips on how to manage information overload and as a result - reduce stress and overwhelm at work. In my coaching work a common theme is [...]

Are your people SCARE’ed?

This week, Linda Ray  co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, presents the SCARE model as a platform for understanding what goes on in your brain at work and a platform for building resilience in your organisation. In my [...]

Are You Being Infected in Your Workplace?

This week,  Tara Neven,  co-director and founder of neuresource group, shares how emotion contagion can effect your workplace and engagement in your workplace culture.  I know its flu season, but in this case I am not talking about a cold. [...]

Strategy: Why Is It So Easy To Design And So Hard To Execute?

This week, Tara Neven, co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, looks at the ins and outs of implementing strategy in today's complicated world and shows how neuroscience insights just might be the answer. Sally is [...]

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Introducing STEAR: A Model for Brain-Friendly Change

This week, Linda Ray and Tara Neven, co-founders and co-directors of neuresource group, presents the STEAR model, a framework that challenges the disconnect between what science shows and what business does. Albert Einstein famously said, “No problem can [...]