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The Brainwaves for Leaders blog is published by Neuresource Groups sister company Neurocapability Press. Through these blogs our aim is to explore and share the practical applications of the neuroscience of leadership to build brain friendly leaders and organisations. ‘Brain Friendly’ leaders and organisations understand that their people are their most valuable resource.   Brain friendly leaders tap into the growing body of neuroscience knowledge to enhance the way they facilitate and lead change, solve problems, make decisions, collaborate with others and manage pressure and conflict.

Brainwaves for Leaders incorporates the successful elements of more than 20 years of consulting experience in organisational change and development, corporate training, and executive coaching. Our focus is on the latest developments in the neuroscience of leadership. Many of our contributors are experts in the field; others are newcomers and bring a fresh perspective. You’ll find a range of material and an abundance of ideas on the use of brain-friendly techniques to improve your work experience.

Thinking differently? It might be a clash of schemas.

This week, Linda Ray, the co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, looks at mental schemas and how aligning mental schemas can support teams and businesses. No two brains are alike.  Clearly we are all different and if we [...]

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The Neuroscience of Leadership: How to Inspire Your ‘Followers’

This week, Pascal Molenberghs of Monash University shares some important insights about how inspirational messages are received and shows what leaders can do to get their messages across. When people talk about successful leaders they [...]

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The Neuroscience Lens: Bringing Focus to Current Leadership Models

This week, Tara Neven, the co-founder/director of neuresource group, shows you that viewing current business models through the lens of neuroscience can shift outdated 'best practice' into badly needed 'new practice' for a more engaged [...]

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Be The Scientist of Your Experience: Building a Brain-Friendly Organisation

This week, Linda Ray, the co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, looks at how becoming the scientist of your own experience can simplify and enrich your organisational strategy, leading to an innovative and resilient brain-friendly [...]

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Practice Makes Permanent: How Workplace Culture is Like Good Eggs Benedict

This week, human resources expert Ben Bradley offers a simple way to look at good workplace culture and suggests tips you can follow to create it in your organisation. I have an absolute obsession with [...]

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Motivation — Who Needs It?

This week, Chris Phillips, an independent consultant and a graduate of neuresource group’s Diploma of the Neuroscience of Leadership, looks at how we can best motivate middle managers in order to create the most productive [...]

The Rising Tide of Neuroscience in Organisational Change

This week, Bronwyn Coombes an independent people, process, and performance consultant based in Perth and a graduate of neuresource group’s Diploma of the Neuroscience of Leadership looks at the rise of neuroscience and it’s potential [...]

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The Agile Workplace: Coping With The Need To Change

This week Tara Neven, the co-founder/director of neuresource group, presents the first in a series on organisational agility, exploring the principles that help with our ability to cope with constant demands for organisation flexibility and, more [...]

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