Brain Friendly Teams

Are your people SCARE’ed?

This week, Linda Ray  co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, presents the SCARE model as a platform for understanding what goes on in your brain at work and a platform for building resilience [...]

Introducing STEAR: A Model for Brain-Friendly Change

This week, Linda Ray and Tara Neven, co-founders and co-directors of neuresource group, presents the STEAR model, a framework that challenges the disconnect between what science shows and what business does. Albert [...]

Thinking differently? It might be a clash of schemas.

This week, Linda Ray, the co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, looks at mental schemas and how aligning mental schemas can support teams and businesses. No two brains are alike.  Clearly we are [...]

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B.E.T.T.E.R. Conversations

Michelle Loch is a PCC qualified coach and an expert in Neuroleadership.  Her passion is educating and coaching leaders to high performance using neuroscience as a foundational theory.   I work [...]

Collaborate Across Teams, Silos, and Even Companies

Business psychologist Rebecca Newton discusses the need for collaborative leadership and the five factors that drive success in collaboration. Everywhere I turn right now, I hear leaders talking about their need for collaborative [...]

Collective Intelligence: Building Smart Teams

Adair Jones, a Brainwaves for Leaders staff writer, looks at what is central to human motivation and how we can tap into it to build smart teams that perform.   Getting 'social' right Sociologists [...]

Balancing Act: The Neuroscience Of Negotiation

Adair Jones, a Brainwaves for Leaders staff writer, looks at what we can learn from neurobiology in order to improve negotiation and mediation processes.    Emotions are central In Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason [...]

Checklist for Brain-Friendly Change Management

This week, the participants in the 2012  Diploma of the Neuroscience of Leadership program join together to offer their solutions for brain-friendly change. More than twenty years ago, organisational behavioral experts [...]

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Neuroscience Backs What Great Leaders Know: To Succeed, Embrace Your Mistakes

This week, Adair Jones, a writer studying for the Diploma of the Neuroscience of Leadership, investigates how our mistakes can point the way to success. When Thomas Edison's assistant lamented [...]