Collaborate Across Teams, Silos, and Even Companies

Business psychologist Rebecca Newton discusses the need for collaborative leadership and the five factors that drive success in collaboration. Everywhere I turn right now, I hear leaders talking about their need for collaborative [...]

Is Time Management An Outdated Concept?

Linda Ray, the co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, coined the term “attentional intelligence” in 2012. In this post, she looks at how when we speak about 'time management, what we [...]

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5 Things You Can Do To As A Leader To Make Your Organisation More Productive

Adair Jones, a Brainwaves for Leaders staff writer, looks at how applying neuroscience to work practices can make organisations more productive. Photo: Egon Philipp Most organisations are committed to keeping apace of [...]

This Is Your Brain On Long Meetings…

Linda Ray, the co-founder and co-director of neuresource group, coined the term “attentional intelligence” in 2012. In this post, she looks at the reasons long meetings get in the way [...]

Balancing Act: The Neuroscience Of Negotiation

Adair Jones, a Brainwaves for Leaders staff writer, looks at what we can learn from neurobiology in order to improve negotiation and mediation processes.    Emotions are central In Descartes' Error: Emotion, Reason [...]

Fostering Change: Neuroscience Backs What Great CEOs Do Naturally

Since 1996, Bill Synnot has been one of Australia's leading innovators in change management, regularly conducting public and in-house masterclasses/workshops and training on the subject.  He will be speaking in [...]

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Solving Business Problems – Whole Brain Style

We are delighted to post this article by Chris Griffiths, the CEO of ThinkBuzan, the organisation behind Mind Mapping and iMindMap software. He lectures to audiences worldwide on creativity and innovation [...]

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Hate Long Meetings? Try The 10-Minute Standing Meeting

Do you notice business meetings are met with a sense of dread by your staff?  Are people finding increasingly creative excuses for why they can’t attend that staff/business/team meeting?  Do [...]

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Look After Your Brain – Share This With Your CEO

We loved this blog  by Tony Swartz in HBR Blogs.  The results of the 'Energy Audit' created a buzz in our office as we know how important looking after our [...]