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The mind is like a parachute – it works only when it is open

The neuresource group suite of programs looks beyond what makes a great leader or manager. We focus instead on developing and enhancing the skills of the great leader in order to influence others using what we know about the brains biology.

Leadership and Management Courses

The Neuroscience of Leadership Program

In the Neuroscience of Leadership Program, we apply the latest insights from neuroscience to the complexities of human behaviour, giving you practical strategies that you can apply to your role as a leader in any organisation.

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This highly collaborative and practical two-day masterclass is intended for the driven supervisor who wants to know more

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Introduction to neuleadership 1 hour webinar

Introduction to Neuroscience of Leadership Online

Introduction to Neuroscience of Leadership is an online learning and development solution designed to build new and exciting pathways that are guarantied to improve your leadership capabilities.

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Aspiring Leaders

The Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to provide skilling and knowledge to repare participants for leadership roles.

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Developing Female Leaders

The need for strong, successful women in leadership roles is emerging at a staggering rate all over the world. Using the latest neuroscience research supports women to embrace the challenges of leadership.

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Brain Based workshop series

A series of one day or half day workshops around common leadership and performance areas.

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