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neuresource group is offering a tailored solution for organisations to build internal leadership capability. The Aspiring Leaders Program is designed to provide skilling and knowledge to prepare participants for leadership roles.

The program provided by neuresource group will focus on raising the bar on leadership within your  organisation and industry through supporting participants to understand that leadership is a core skill not necessarily only needed when a supervisor or manager title is achieved.

Participants will acquire embedded learning and ensure that they recieve a toolbox of practical and logical skills they can quickly apply in their work areas.


If you have leaders in your organisation (they may not necessarily be in a leadership position) and want to provide them with a strong foundation for their development and performance this 12 month program will support their development. Key projects and outcomes can be set for each participant to embed their flexible learning throughout the program.


  • Our holistic learning approach is designed to ensure application of learning in the workplace.
  • The program is designed to create an ROI for the individual and the organisation.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their learning and how this is applied with a facilitator and other articipants from the program through this process.
  • Apply “brain friendly” methods that will embed learning and provide speedier application of the tools.


This program will provide practical tools to support the aspiring leaders to use within their roles. It is a 10 module program spread out over a 12 month period. This includes a combination of face to face and online delivery modes.

Groups will commence in cohorts of 15 — 20 (dependant on numbers). All participants will receive a PRISM behavioural profile and debrief, access to an online earning platform and online learning modules.


neuresource group provides a grounding in a range of learning and development solutions with the brain in mind. Instead of quick fixes, we create a higher level of embedded learning to build long-term neurocapability. We employ brain friendly practices in our learning and development approaches in order to transcend short-term growth and change.

Our learning approach focuses on 4 key components to prime participants, facilitate encoding of learning, practice opportunities to embed learning and strategies to consolidate learning so that it becomes a habit.

These processes have proven to provide return on your investment for your learning and development solutions and builds embedded skills and performance.


1. Biology of threat and reward

Our brain is constantly processing cues in our environment to be on the lookout for threats and rewards.

2. Domains of threat and reward

What triggers your threat responses.

3. Fundamentals of emotional intelligence

How emotionally intelligent are you.

4. From emotional to attentional intelligence

Attention and our capacity to stay focused are limited.

5. Defining your personal values and behaviours

Understand your mental map.

6. Emotions are contagious – your mood matters

Manage emotions contagion.

7. Making better decisions and problem solving

Build agility in your people.

8. From co-operation to collaboration

Brain friendly teams.

9. Getting to your “WHY”

What is your personal

vision as a leader.

10. Facilitating sustainable change

STEAR – Be a brain friendly leader.

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