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As part of our brain-based series, this one-day workshop will provide you with the tools to enhance emotional intelligence to regulate and be motivated to build effective social skills.

Why attend this workshop:

Our brains are bombarded throughout the day with constant stimuli, any one of which can trigger one of the six key emotions or even set off a cascade of emotional reactions.

The latest research from the field of social neuroscience reveals that emotional intelligence is just as important in the workplace as cognitive intelligence. Knowing how to react with others, when to offer empathy, and how to manage one’s own emotions are critical for building productive teams and developing successful enterprises.

This innovative one-day workshop provides participants with effective tools to enhance emotional intelligence, to regulate emotional responses, and to build effective social skills. We explore the biological processes associated with arousal, investigate areas of the brain involved in self-regulation, and examine the role of attentional intelligence in managing emotions and attention. We provide the tools necessary to support your own self-regulation and to assist those you lead to self-regulate — through labelling, reappraisal, perspective taking, mindfulness, and attention regulation.

Who should attend

  • Leaders, managers, supervisors
  • High potential individuals aspiring to a leadership role
  • Anyone who wants to increase their influencing skills and ability to manage complex relationships

What you will take away

  • Why emotions are contagious and the tools to manage this
  • What emotional intelligence is and the neuroscience that underpins emotions, behaviour, and decisions
  • The impact of stress in the brain and how it’s triggered
  • Techniques for regulating emotions in yourself and others, dealing with pressure and avoiding reactive responses
  • Core skills to self-regulate and to engage others
  • Techniques to perceive, use, and understand your emotions and those of others
  • How to read body language and pick up emotional signals

How you will learn

At neuresource group, we draw on the most exciting neuroscience research of the past decade and translate the findings into practical skills that will help improve your workplace performance. Our learning approach is based on how the brain forms memories and meaning in order to change and create new habits. We do this because we believe that neuroscience will transform the way you work.

neuresource group  delivers courses under the auspice of its sister company, Managerial Resource Training (MRT), RTO 51680. All accredited programs are delivered under the auspice of RTO, Managerial Resource Training (51680). All certificates and qualifications will be issued by Managerial Resource Training (51680)

If you need more information about this workshop please contact us.


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