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As part of our brain-based series, this one-day workshop will support you to maintain focus and manage distraction

Why attend this workshop:

Is distraction sabotaging your productivity? Maybe it is time to get back in charge of your attention and focus. We are distracted roughly every 5 minutes by others and more often than not by ourselves. We work for around 20 minutes before our brain starts looking for novelty. It is in this moment we have a choice, do  we let that distraction rule our work or do we manage it.

Managing distraction in an age of information overwhelm and being asked to do more with less is critical to support us to achieve our goals and improve our productivity. Distraction is abundant in open plan offices and it is a wonder we get any work completed in environments which are distraction saturated.

Who should attend

This workshop is right for you if:

  • You get to the end of the work day and wonder what you have accomplished
  • Your attention bosses you around and you are easily distracted
  • You feel a constant low level of panic and guilt
  • You struggle with prioritising
  • You want to improve your productivity by atleast 10%

What you will take away

  • Attendees will gain an understanding of why we love to be distracted
  • Simple strategies for maintaining focus
  • A distraction management plan

How you will learn

At neuresource group, we draw on the most exciting neuroscience research of the past decade and translate the findings into practical skills that will help improve your workplace performance.

Our learning approach is based on how the brain forms memories and meaning in order to change and create new habits. We do this because we believe that neuroscience will transform the way you work.

neuresource group  delivers courses under the auspice of its sister company, Managerial Resource Training (MRT), RTO 51680. All accredited programs are delivered under the auspice of RTO, Managerial Resource Training (51680). All certificates and qualifications will be issued by Managerial Resource Training (51680)

If you need more information about this workshop please contact us.


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