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As part of our brain-based series, this one-day workshop will provide you with the skills to deal with conflict and difficult people in the workplace.

Why attend this workshop:

Neuroscience research shows that decision making is not a logical process. Negotiation theories that rely on concepts like compromise, give-and-take, establishing partnership and ‘coming to logical conclusions’ do not take into account the current business environment and are sorely outdated. In fact, we now know that decision making is very much influenced by emotions.

If rational thought does not drive negotiation and emotions do, you need the right knowledge about how the brain functions during negotiations, in order to get the upper hand in negotiations, conflict situations, and problem solving  activities that requires a gain/gain outcome. We make important decisions using different parts of our brains: the intuitive, emotional brain and the rational, analytical brain. You need to know how to affect the correct part of the brain.

Successful negotiation involves exploring opposing positions with the over-arching goal of achieving a gain/gain result. This one-day workshop discusses the range of skills required for an effective negotiation while outlining methods for strengthening skills not yet developed.

Who should attend

This workshop is right for you if:

  • You are new to negotiating in the workplace or in need of updated/refreshed knowledge and skills
  • You are a supervisor wanting to improve negotiation practices at all levels of an organisation

What you will take away

  • An understanding of the meaning and nature of negotiation
  • How to identify and use a range of strategies for negotiation
  • An understanding of the different roles required in the negotiation process
  • How to employ a variety of styles for effective negotiation
  • Knowledge of some of the common ‘tricks’ poor negotiators use and how to deal with them
  • How to use a staged approach to negotiation
  • How to apply different negotiation strategies to work and personal situations

How you will learn

At neuresource group, we draw on the most exciting neuroscience research of the past decade and translate the findings into practical skills that will help improve your workplace performance.

Our learning approach is based on how the brain forms memories and meaning in order to change and create new habits. We do this because we believe that neuroscience will transform the way you work.

neuresource group  delivers courses under the auspice of its sister company, Managerial Resource Training (MRT), RTO 51680. All accredited programs are delivered under the auspice of RTO, Managerial Resource Training (51680). All certificates and qualifications will be issued by Managerial Resource Training (51680)

If you need more information about this workshop please contact us.


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