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This two-day masterclass will transform the way women work and support them to be confident in any leadership position.

What it’s about

From neuroscience we know that our biology influences how we lead and how, at times, we need to act against basic deeply programmed biological responses. It makes no sense to deny the difference: the way women learn and the way they lead is different to men.

This integrated and innovative leadership masterclass is designed for and facilitated by women. We bring together leadership insights that will transform the way women work, and support them in leadership roles to be confident, self-aware, and productive.

Using neuroscience leadership as the foundation, participants learn practical skills for negotiating, tackling tough decisions, and inspiring peak performance – from themselves and others.
Participants also gain new insights about human motivation and behavior.

The need for strong, uccessful women in leadership roles is emerging at a staggering rate all over the world. Using the latest neuroscience research supports women to embrace the challenges of leadership and to bring new skills and perspectives where they are needed.


Participants find out where they are strong and where they need to improve. They learn how to effectively use the power and influence in an organisation and how to infuse teams with confidence and motivation.

The program offers profiling, leadership skills, coaching and feedback tools, coupled with research-based content that centres on developing empowered and engaged female leaders.

Who should attend

This masterclass is designed for women in leading hand or early supervisory roles.

What you will take away

  •  Leadership coaching and feedback tools for practical use in any workplace
  •  How to help team members buy into team goals
  •  Tools for negotiating and inspiring peak performance
  •  Hands on experience using relationship management and conflict resolution tools
  •  Behavior profiling and pre-coaching session to support self-understanding
  •  Participants receive two units of competency from the Diploma of Management upon successful completion

How you will learn

This two-day masterclass also includes a half-day follow-up session to present, review, and discuss project outcomes

At neuresource group, we draw on the most exciting neuroscience research of the past decade and translate the findings into practical skills that will help improve your workplace performance.

Our learning approach is based on how the brain forms memories and meaning in order to change and create new habits. We do this because we believe that neuroscience will transform the way you work.

If you want to sign up for this course or need more information please contact us.


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