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There is a disconnect between what science knows and what business does.

Introduction to Neuroscience of Leadership is an online learning and development solution designed to build new and exciting pathways that are guarantied to improve your leadership capabilities

A cutting edge program for current or emerging leaders:

  • Your first step in building your Neurocapability
  • Position yourself to be a brain friendly leader
  • Learn how to get the best out of yourself and your people
  • Drive change that really works
  • Learn tools for working more productively and to manage information overwhelm
  • Come away with ideas to support your own engagement and that of your people
  • Generate new ideas and discover new ways of working.

Each domain includes micro tools that support embedded learning and active outcomes.
Course contains a stepped process for focusing on your NeuLeadership to support and strengthen your learning.

neuresource group  delivers courses under the auspice of its sister company, Managerial Resource Training (MRT), RTO 51680. All accredited programs are delivered under the auspice of RTO, Managerial Resource Training (51680). All certificates and qualifications will be issued by Managerial Resource Training (51680)

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