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Our Story

Do your people understand their brain and know what they need to do to optimise its performance?

Most people carry their brain around in their heads with little thought.  Yet, it’s the organ we use the most in the workplace!  

For over 10 years we’ve been working closely with individuals, teams and organisations to support their NeuroCapability.  That is, their ability to understand and use their most important asset – their brain.  People who understand how the brain functions can take charge of their brain and outperform others who don’t give it a second thought.

If you think neuroscience is a fad – then think again.  It’s a powerful tool that can transform the way you work, lead, learn and live.   As long as you understand it!   That’s where we’re different.  

We help you understand ‘Why’

Why is your brain important?  Because it drives your behaviour!   Every decision you make is driven by your brain’s response to its environment.   It tells you moment by moment what you should and shouldn’t do, but also what you should and should not pay attention to – but it isn’t always right.  Unless you are in control of your brain – instead of your brain controlling you, then you are probably unintentionally sabotaging your work, or even worse… your career.   

We specialise in translating all that sciencey stuff into the ‘So, what does that mean?’  We help you to understand what is happening in your brain in the workplace and provide real and practical everyday solutions that you can begin to apply immediately – with awesome and life-changing results.  

We believe that the greatest asset any organisation has is its people.  When we harness the power of our people, then organisations become amazing places to work.  And we want everyone to work in amazing workplaces.  After all, that’s where most of us spend the majority of our lives!  

Workplaces should be fulfilling, should be inspiring, should be creative and we should all feel like we can make a difference.

We have personally trained and supported thousands of individuals to transform their working practices, improve their productivity, find fulfillment in their work and transform their lives.  And we would love to transform your life too.

So, if you’re finding it increasingly difficult to manage stress, anxiety, fatigue, emotion contagion, distraction or engagement and productivity in your workplace, then perhaps it’s time you started to understand the brain at work.   Call us for a free, confidential chat about your needs, today . 

Phone:  +61 73831 4068

Email:   info@neuresourcegroup.com.au

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neuresource group is proud to announce we are an industry partner of the Monash Institute of Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience (MICCN) working to transform neuroscience research into practical applications for leaders teams and organisations.

The Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences conducts innovative brain research for the clinic, the workplace, industry and the community.

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