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What is PRISM Brain Mapping?

PRISM is primarily a neuroscience tool, which unlike many psychometric instruments, is not based on a theory developed by any one person.

It represents a simple, yet comprehensive, synthesis of research by some of the world’s leading neuroscientists into how the human brain works, and why people, who have similar backgrounds, intelligence, experience, skills, and knowledge, behave in very different ways.

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6 Reasons Why PRISM is different
  1. A Tool for Complex Human beings – PRISM differs in how data is gathered and reveals balances and imbalances instead of the ‘typecasting’ that comes from many profiling tools.
  2. No out Smarting – PRISM is a unique system that allows you to see whether a candidate has been consistent in his or her answers of the questionnaire.
  3. Not a Psychometric Test – PRISM is based on Neuroscience and helps you understand potential disconnects between natural preferences and adapted behaviours
  4. It has 8 Dimensions – Participants will understand their own style and work preference, their own communication preference when dealing with others and deal effectively with different styles and personalities.
  5. The Brains Behind it All – PRISM plots an individual’s behaviour preferences on a diagram of the human brain.
  6. Easy to Use – PRISM produces a wide range of easy to understand charts and reports to help users gain an insights into their behaviour preferences and from several points of view.
How can PRISM be applied?

PRISM: how to apply

Sample reports
PDF document: Organisational Culture Report
PDF document: PRISM 360° Feedback Report
PDF document: PRISM ‘Professional’ Report

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